The substantive work of the ZIA takes place in committees, which are staffed by a total of more than 500 volunteer representatives of the ZIA members. The resolutions and recommendations of the committees form the basis of the association's work.

Committee Audit and Valuation

Portraitfoto von Alexander Dexne

Alexander Dexne

Ausschussvorsitzender Bilanzierung und Bewertung und Ausschussvorsitzender Immobilienaktien
alstria office REIT-AG, Finanzvorstand

Portraitfoto von Brigitte Adam

Brigitte Adam

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Bilanzierung und Bewertung
ENA Experts GmbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

This committee deals with the often controversial issues of property investment accounting and valuation and makes recommendations to clarify existing issues.

Committee Office Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Andreas Wende

Andreas Wende

Ausschussvorsitzender Büroimmobilien
NAI apollo, Geschäftsführer

Portraitfoto von Brigitte Walter

Brigitte Walter

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Büroimmobilien
Real I.S. AG, Gesellschaft für Immobilien Assetmanagement, Vorstand

The committee advises on how to improve the uncertain regulatory environment for office property for tenants, landlords and investors, and how to specifically support the high demand for innovation in this segment.

Committee Corporate Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Zsolt Sluitner

Dr. Zsolt Sluitner

Ausschussvorsitzender Corporate Real Estate
SIEMENS AG, Siemens Real Estate, CEO

Portraitfoto von Björn Christmann

Björn Christmann

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Corporate Real Estate
Präsident, CoreNet, Central Europe Chapter

The committee is concerned with the future of corporate real estate and is helping to raise public awareness of the strategic need for real estate management and planning for the German economy.

Committee Corporate Social Responsibility

Portraitfoto von Stefanie Frensch

Stefanie Frensch

Ausschussvorsitzende Corporate Social Responsibility

Portraitfoto von Hermann Horster

Hermann Horster

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Corporate Social Responsibility
BNP Paribas Real Estate Holding, Head of Sustainability, Niederlassungsleiter Hamburg

The committee deals with the social responsibility of the real estate industry and a sustainable and value-oriented corporate governance.

Committee Digitalization

Portraitfoto von Daniel Holz

Dr. Daniel Holz

Ausschussvorsitzender Digitalisierung
SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, Managing Director

Portraitfoto von Annette Kröger

Annette Kröger

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Digitalisierung
Allianz Real Estate Germany, CEO

The committee covers all aspects of digitization in the real estate industry and addresses the associated challenges. He develops solutions for the real estate industry and thus promotes the competitiveness of companies.

Committee Diversity

Portraitfoto von Bärbel Schomberg

Bärbel Schomberg

Vizepräsidentin und Ausschussvorsitzende Diversity
Schomberg & Co. Real Estate Consulting GmbH, Managing Partner

Portraitfoto von Christiane Wolfram

Christiane Wolfram

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Diversity
Commerz Real AG, Personalleiterin

The committee highlights the strategic relevance of diversity management to the real estate industry and addresses the challenges involved.

Committee Energy and Building Services

Portraitfoto von Maria Hill

Maria Hill

Ausschussvorsitzende Energie und Gebäudetechnik
ECE Projektmanagement, Director Sustainability & Internal Services

Portraitfoto von Michael Lowak

Michael Lowak

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Energie und Gebäudetechnik
GETEC Wärme & Effizienz AG, Sprecher des Vorstands

The work of this committee focuses on energy and climate-relevant laws and regulations for the building sector and their practical implementation.

Committee Financing

Portraitfoto von Burkhard Dallosch

Burkhard Dallosch

Ausschussvorsitzender Finanzierung
Deka Immobilien GmbH, Geschäftsführer CRO/COO

This committee examines the impact of regulatory initiatives on real estate banking, insurance and fund companies.

Committee Health Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Jan-Hendrik Jessen

Jan-Hendrik Jessen

Ausschussvorsitzender Gesundheitsimmobilien
PATRIZIA, Head of Fund Management Operated Properties

Portraitfoto von Susan Winter

Susan Winter

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Gesundheitsimmobilien
Winter Advisory GmbH, Geschäftsführerin

Portraitfoto von Michael Held

Dr. Michael Held

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Gesundheitsimmobilien
TERRAGON INVESTMENT GmbH, Vorstandsvorsitzender (CEO)

The committee deals with the challenges arising from the demographic development in Germany. The focus is on all types of use within health, care and social real estate.

Committee Commercial Property Broker

Portraitfoto von Marcel Abel

Marcel Abel

Ausschussvorsitzender Gewerbeimmobilienmakler
Jones Lang LaSalle SE, Geschäftsführer

Portraitfoto von Axel Quester

Axel Quester

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Gewerbeimmobilienmakler
Armin Quester Immobilien GmbH, Geschäftsführer und Gesellschafter

The committee deals with all topics that are relevant for the large international brokerage companies, but also for medium-sized brokerage companies, which have their main focus in the brokerage of commercial real estate.

Committee Trade

Portraitfoto von Iris Schöberl

Iris Schöberl

Sprecherin Region Süd und Ausschussvorsitzende Handel
BMO Real Estate Partners, Managing Director

Portraitfoto von Stephan Koof

Stephan Koof

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Handel
REWE GROUP, Leiter Expansion National

The committee deals with current developments in inner cities from the perspective of trade and investors.

Committee Hotel Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Olaf Steinhage

Olaf Steinhage

Ausschussvorsitzender Hotelimmobilien
MRP Consult Germany GmbH, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Portraitfoto von Gaby Deike

Gaby Deike

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Hotelimmobilien
Berlin Hyp, Gutachterin

Portraitfoto von Thomas Bartl

Thomas Bartl

Stellvertretender Ausschusvorsitzender Hotelimmobilien
AccorInvest Germany GmbH, Director Asset Management

This committee deals with the current challenges around the asset class of hotel real estate. These include regulatory frameworks and ways to improve hotel financing.

Committee Human Resources

Portraitfoto von Wolfgang Schäfers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schäfers

Ausschussvorsitzender Human Resources und Vorsitzender des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats des ZIA
IREBS Institut für Immobilienwirtschaft, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Immobilienmanagement

Portraitfoto von Christiane Reichert

Christiane Reichert

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Human Resources
Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH, Head of HR

The committee's work focuses on personnel management issues in the real estate industry as well as improving the transfer of knowledge between companies, universities, institutes and associations.

Committee Property Shares

Portraitfoto von Alexander Dexne

Alexander Dexne

Ausschussvorsitzender Bilanzierung und Bewertung und Ausschussvorsitzender Immobilienaktien
alstria office REIT-AG, Finanzvorstand

The committee is committed to improving the transparency of this asset class as a whole and to addressing the political and investor-specific regulatory conditions for real estate shares.

Committee Logistics Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Thomas Steinmüller

Dr. Thomas Steinmüller

Ausschussvorsitzender Logistikimmobilien
CapTen AG, Vorstand

Portraitfoto von Raimund Paetzmann

Raimund Paetzmann

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Logistikimmobilien
Zalando SE

The committee is committed to raising the economic potential of logistics real estate, strengthening its importance in public perception and optimizing it as an asset class by increasing transparency and improving data.

Committee Marketing and Public Relations

Portraitfoto von Steffen Uttich

Steffen Uttich

Ausschussvorsitzender Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
BEOS AG, Leiter Kapitalmärkte

Portraitfoto von Nicole Hanke

Nicole Hanke

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Marketing und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Berlin Hyp, Leiterin Kommunikation & Marketing

This committee advises on appropriate communication strategies for the implementation of board and committee decisions. The goal is to improve the image and perception of the ZIA and the real estate industry in general.

Committee Law

Portraitfoto von Hinrich Thieme

Dr. Hinrich Thieme

Ausschussvorsitzender Recht
Hogan Lovells International LLP, Rechtsanwalt und Notar

Portraitfoto von Eva Luig

Dr. Eva Luig

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Recht
ZIRNGIBL Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, Rechtsanwältin

The issue of law is dealt with in this committee in many ways. Key areas include tenancy law, investor protection, brokerage law and data protection, and the related effects on the real estate industry.

Committee Urban Development

Portraitfoto von Eckhard Horwedel

Eckhard Horwedel

Ausschussvorsitzender Stadtentwicklung
DSK Deutsche Stadt- und Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

The Committee Urban Development is committed to sustainable urban development that is oriented towards climate protection and energy saving objectives and relies on a consistent internal development.

Committee Tax Law

Portraitfoto von Hans Volkert Volckens

Dr. Hans Volkert Volckens

Ausschussvorsitzender Steuerrecht
KPMG, Head of Real Estate, Head of Asset Management

Portraitfoto von Carina Berberich

Carina Berberich

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Steuern
IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Leiterin Beteiligungsmanagement & Steuern

The work of this committee focuses on the real estate-related tax issues. Especially the capital market-oriented real estate industry is repeatedly affected by short-term and momentous changes in tax law.

Committee Transparency and Benchmarking

Portraitfoto von Thomas Beyerle

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle

Ausschussvorsitzender Transparenz und Benchmarking
Catella Property Valuation GmbH, Managing Director

Portraitfoto von Ursula-Beate Neißer

Ursula-Beate Neißer

Stellvertretende Ausschussvorsitzende Transparenz und Benchmarking
Cushman & Wakefield, Head of Research Germany

The transparency of the German real estate market is still lower than in other countries such as the USA or the United Kingdom. The committee analyzes the existing deficits and develops proposals for solutions.

Committee Residential Real Estate

Portraitfoto von Rolf Buch

Rolf Buch

Vizepräsident und Ausschussvorsitzender Wohnen
Vonovia SE, Vorstandsvorsitzender

Portraitfoto von Kruno Crepulja

Kruno Crepulja

Stellvertretender Ausschussvorsitzender Wohnimmobilien
Instone Real Estate, Geschäftsführer (CEO)

This committee deals with the many topics related to the asset class of residential real estate. These include, for example, affordable housing and construction, modern urban development, demographic change, the building culture, and overall the regulatory framework of this asset class.